Customer comments


Hi Jane,

Just had to email to say a massive thank you for doing such a good job with Wurgo! he looks fab! i am so excited to give him to my husband!

Thank you again you did a wonderful job!

PS please dont email me back until after Christmas, he sometimes opens my emails if I am not around!!!
Helen Ashton

ceramic pups

Hi Jane!

A good friend of my recommended your site and I have to say that you?ve got a new fan here in chilly Finland! I sculpt ceramic dogs also, check out my site if you are interested.
I hope you?ll never loose your great sence of humour!

Best regards: Szilvia (
Szilvia Vihri?l?

Your amazing work

I want it all! As a huge fan on our K9 friends I am loving ALL your work, I have some as I buy a lot from Fenwick at Amble. I'm rennovating a house there's lots more room for mutts about the place so I'd be soooooo interesrted in your productions. I've ordered laying dog but would love rolling, just tired & scratcher. Please let me know if you plan on making any more. I love the way you capture their face & manorisms its almost like you live with them - u probably do!!!
Katie Joynson